“Oh no! A black hole” is based on the sci-fi narrative of the THINKey Universe:

Professor Mandelbrot lives alone on the abandoned International Space Station (ISS). There he studies the continuum of space-time through his mini hadron collider.

One day a mechanical breakdown of the mini hadron collider causes a black hole to appear that begins to absorb the earth. In a heroic act, Professor Mandelbrot moves the International Space Station into the black hole and manages to stabilize it, absorbed and trapped in the inter-dimension.

The appearance of the black hole interrupts the interdimensional continuum, making it impossible for time and space to work as usual. In each chapter Professor Mandelbrot communicates with earth and sends useful information about the experiments to his friends and loved ones Wangülen, Huevin of Kötrun, Rayén de la Luna and Ricu.

Welcome to a new way to do fun science.