THINKey School is an online story lab designed to engage students with STEAM ideas and practices. With the power of storytelling and the ingenuity of e-learning it brings science right to your fingertips.

In order to enable extraordinary learning experiences THINKey School combines an online platform full of engaging stories with breathtaking science experiments designed for the classroom.

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THINKey School is a blended learning platform with online and offline content. The online experience is based on a sci-fi series which is specially designed to spark kids creativity and imagination. The offline experience are hands-on-science kits, with resources to implement a STEAM activity directly in the classroom or laboratory.

All the content is aligned to national standards, between 1st and 6th grade.

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THINKey School is a platform designed to implement STEAM programs in schools.

It serves teachers and academic coordinators as a powerful tool to optimize their work and maximize educational entertainment.

Join our network and let’s implement the right STEAM program for your school.

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